2022 and New Year.

For the first time in my life, I met the new year away from home. I think for many, 2022 has become a year of change, and change is mostly not our desire.


I continue to work every day, draw and make a lot of things that I love! I wish everyone to find and love something so much that it will save you from the horror of war, and turn change into your strength!

I led the last group of students from September to December. Part of the group in Ukraine, part in Russia, part has already left their home. At each call, someone had no light, someone was on their way to a new place, but everyone continued to draw and learn! It's incredible!

Ahead, we all and Internet artists in particular are waiting for the challenge of neural networks. They radically change the habitual life and this is only the beginning.

I wish in 2023 for those who have lost themselves to reinvent themselves and find what you love again!

Find peace and a home and never lose again!

Continue to love what you do and do what you love!